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Customs certification of imported goods refers to measures of technical regulation, and the certificates themselves are part of the documents that customs must check.

What kind of certificates will be needed for customs clearance depends on the type of imported goods. Each TN VED code corresponds to certain documentation requirements, therefore, at the first stage, a classification is performed according to the product nomenclature. Next, you can determine which documents are needed for customs clearance. Information about this is given in the technical regulations of the Customs Union, lists of products that are subject to mandatory state registration, mandatory declaration or certification according to GOST R.

For help on the certification of imported products, please contact our specialists who will advise on confirming the compliance of imported goods with mandatory requirements, explain the intermediate stages of obtaining a certificate, determine the product codes in accordance with the Customs Union Commodity Classification of Foreign Economic Activity and agree on a set of documents for product certification.

Sample certification

According to the current position of the Federal Customs Service of Russia, a sample cannot be imported by an individual in luggage, cannot be received by him by mail, ordered from an online store, because certification authorities are obliged to demand from the applicant not only the sample itself, but also documentary confirmation of the legality of its import to the territory of the Russian Federation (most often, this is a Declaration for goods).

Customs clearance of samples is a responsible procedure that requires the participation of specialists. To avoid unnecessary costs and subsequent complications, please contact our company. Knowledge of the nuances of legislation and individual procedures allows us to solve your problems as quickly, efficiently and reliably as possible.

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