Logistic company

Storage and handling of goods

Warehousing service is one of the main directions of our company. We are ready to offer services on intermediate storage and warehousing at different warehouses in European countries and China. For our clients we provide a full range of warehousing services: storage, selection and formation of orders, sorting, additional packaging, marking of cargoes, execution of necessary documents.

Competent and effective warehousing logistics which includes not only custody services but also entails other ancillary services is the main requirement of our clients. Our company has leading positions in this area of services, which is due to the high quality of executed works and exclusive client-oriented approach.

Responsible storage of cargo in the warehouse includes:

- loading and unloading work;

- automated accounting;

- sorting mixed pallets;

- order picking and picking;

- Packing, repacking, and assembly of kits (co-packing);

- labeling, sticking;

- Execution of shipping documents;

- full control and reporting.

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