Logistic company


As part of the mandatory labeling of goods, we are ready to take on all the work directly related to the description and labeling of goods. In our experience, most customers prefer to use the turnkey labeling service.

Depending on the scheme of work you have chosen, marking can be done in several ways:

- at the factory by the manufacturer

- in one of our consolidation warehouses in the EU or China

- at a customs warehouse in the Russian Federation.

Each method has its own advantages. We are ready to provide full support and advise you on each of the options.

Regardless of who actually receives the marking codes, our staff will offer you the option to automate the application of the marking codes.

Taking part in most of the pilot labeling projects, our company has accumulated a lot of experience and has developed its own set of measures to significantly simplify the work on product description.

Our employees constantly monitor changes in legislation and labeling rules. We assume all risks associated with labeling. And you receive already fully labeled goods anywhere in the Russian Federation.

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