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Customs clearance

Commercial goods transported across the EAEU border are subject to mandatory customs clearance in accordance with the customs legislation of the Russian Federation and the Eurasian Customs Union of the EAEU. The complex of measures for customs clearance of international cargo transportation is called customs declaration, in everyday use, customs clearance (MOT), which has its own characteristics, in connection with which it is customary to distinguish the following main directions in a professional environment:

  • Import - the import of foreign goods, which requires paperwork before the import of the goods, its customs clearance when it crosses the EAEU border and payment of the necessary payments for its legal import and subsequent use on the territory of the EAEU.
  • Export is a shipment that involves the implementation of a number of actions for customs clearance of Russian goods for the purpose of their subsequent export abroad.

The company "SmartLines" provides a full range of services that allows you to carry out the procedure for customs clearance of goods: our competent specialists will prepare a foreign economic transaction in terms of the correct execution of foreign trade agreements, commercial, customs and other documents; determine the measures of non-tariff regulation; establish prohibitions and restrictions related to the product; organize obtaining permits; will select the necessary customs procedure and provide professional advice on all issues related to foreign economic activity.

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